About me

Welcome to my rock garden! Xochi Pannell is my name. Xochi is pronounced, So-chee. It's an Aztec Indian name that means flower. With a name like this, I thought I better change it or do something creative with it! I'm just a groovy gal that likes rocks and likes to paint so I thought, why not combine the two and whah-la, xochirocks.com was born. I used to be known as the rock lady in downtown Rock Island. I had a flower shop called the Iris Garden where I would pick out a rock from the "rock room" and paint whatever the customer requested. I would paint stones with flowers, a name, an address, anniversary or wedding date and even once painted a rabbit coming out of a hat! The shop is no more, but I am still painting away. My pets that once welcomed my customers at the flower shop now assist me at home! We all can't wait to hear from you!

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